About BlackSlate

About Us

BlackSlate Holdings Group Limited, a privately owned Jamaican registered holding company, oversees a diverse portfolio of companies and investments spanning the USA and the Caribbean. Committed to delivering secure and consistent returns, we focus on a well-diversified array of regional and international investments.

Our strategic approach involves holding and managing investments in wholly owned subsidiaries, real estate, patents, trademarks, stocks, and other tradable assets. BlackSlate also provides centralized corporate services, including policy direction and management, ensuring optimal efficiency.

With a primary emphasis on identifying private equity positions in small and medium-sized companies with robust business models and growth potential, we offer a unique investment profile that seamlessly integrates technology, real estate, and enriching travel experiences.

Corporate support is integral to BlackSlate, unifying our investments and businesses under one umbrella. Our commitment extends beyond financial growth, embracing community development and outreach.

At the heart of our foundation lies The Walkbout Foundation, dedicated to encouraging travel as a means of developing human capacity and experiences. In addition to supporting environmental activities, the foundation annually sponsors individuals under 25, enabling them to explore diverse cultures, cuisines, and beverages on the global stage—all funded through a percentage of our net revenues, exemplifying our dedication to creating lasting value.

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