BlackTone Truckside Advertising

Cut-Through Creative
BlackTone Truckside Advertising big, bold moving canvases drive to and alongside the people you’re looking to reach. Unlike static billboards that can become like distant wallpaper, BlackTone Truckside Advertisements are ever-changing, and at eye-level, so they really break through. 
Lowest Large Format CPM
Compared to any other type of OOH advertising, BlackTone Truckside Advertising ads are priced to have the lowest large format CPM (cost per thousand impressions) in the industry.
BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS)
Combine that with our BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS) and mobile retargeting tech and you’ve got one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach your audience.
Target Like Never Before
BlackTone Truckside Advertising goes where traditional OOH media can’t.
We’ll drive your message to exactly the audience you want, based on demographics, time of day, geographic, and even specific routes and roads. Tell us what your looking for and we will find it.
Given the nature of the contracted business our trucks are engaged in we are able to offer the following daily route options,
Daily Route Options:
These are trucks that traverse these routes on a daily basis
  • South Coast Routes: St. Catherine to Negril Westmoreland
  • North Coast Routes: Ocho Rios to Negril Westmoreland
  • North South Route: Kingston to Ocho Rios
  • Urban Route: Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine
  • Eastern Route: Kingston to Port Antonio
  • Eastern Route: Kingston to Port Maria Via Junction
Strategic Route Selection
Target specific routes like urban neighbourhoods, rural communities and roads, or dense urban centres like Kingston and Montego bay Or contextualize your message by choosing specific commercial, industrial or retail spaces such as grocery stores, gas stations or convenience stores.
Floating No Fixed Routes
These are trucks that may traverse any route on a daily basis
We are currently developing this model. Since we cannot charge based on what is known, in terms of fixed routes and frequency, we are considering a charge based on what was achieved. So, each month or quarter we would invoice based on the routes and frequency travelled, using an agreed rate per.
This is in line with current digital media where you pay for actual performance, such as clicks.
Proud Member and Partner of The Silicon Mountain Project
Operating from “Silicon Mountain – The Business Technology and Innovation Hub of the Caribbean”
Mandeville Manchester Jamaica
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