KYo Group Limited

KYo Group Limited is principally a Caribbean B2B company focused on supporting and providing cutting edge software and business solutions to courier companies offering international, fast cargo package delivery services from the United States to selected regional destinations. Thereby allowing these courier companies to focus on their business growth, expansion and exceptional customer services.
Through our proprietary Kanal Platform and Software, KYo offers a customisable first mile to last mile, package management and warehousing, business management solution from the United states to customers home of business place.
Operating Business Units
1. KYo Caribbean Logistics – is our B2B division dedicated to courier companies. offering international, fast cargo package delivery from the United States to regional destinations.
2. KYo Couriers
For Business – offers our innovative logistics services to other business and commercial entities seeking to have items shipped from the United States to Jamaica. Taking responsibility for shipments from our Florida warehouse operations to shipment and arrival in Jamaica, offering a complete Ship, Clear and Deliver to business place service.
Premium Personal – recognises that for some individuals Peace of Mind tied to reliability and convenience are priceless. Getting that item, you just purchased in your hands in the shortest possible time is very important to you. Our Premium Personal Ship, Clear and Deliver to your home with either our same day or 24 hours, or Next Day or 48 hours from the date the package arrives in our warehouse facility in Florida is your peace of mind.
3. KYo Exports. Capitalises on KYO’s vast network and Kanal Platform and Software to provide a reverse logistics structure for companies and individuals looking to ship and export from JAMAICA to the USA. Coming Soon.
Proud Member and Partner of The Silicon Mountain Project
Operating from “Silicon Mountain – The Business Technology and Innovation Hub of the Caribbean”
Mandeville Manchester Jamaica
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