Walkbout Jamaica

“Walkbout,” a term indigenous to Jamaicans, that describes the bold, inquisitive adventurer.
Growing up in Jamaica we often heard our parents scold persons, especially children, who habitually or too frequently left home to visit neighbors or unusual places. These persons were referred to as Walkbouts, suggesting they were nosey, restless and wandering.
Jamaicans are also known for traveling extensively and it is said, you can find a Jamaican in the most remote parts of the world.
It was against this background that Walkbout was conceptualized and masterminded by Jamaican Aldo Antonio in 2008. Walkbout International and walkbout.com were conceptualized with the ultimate goal to create a global community of Jamaican and foreign adventurers or “Walkbouts” who share a common yearning for exploration of the inner workings of global locations. Visitors or as we call ourselves Walkbouts, seeking that unforgettable, authentic cultural experience, off the beaten path to quirky places, people and activities beyond commercially popular venues can now do so through the portal http://www.walkbout.com.
Walkbout International LLC.
Proudly Headquartered in Mandeville Manchester, Set To Be Jamaica’s First Smart City By 2025, “Silicon Mountain – The Business Technology and Innovation Hub of the Caribbean“
Proud Member and Partner of The Silicon Mountain Project
Operating from “Silicon Mountain – The Business Technology and Innovation Hub of the Caribbean”
Mandeville Manchester Jamaica
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